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Function Sofa 97



  • Leather from $4,849
  • Fabric from $2,749


Welcome to FS NORDIC 97, where absolute comfort and quality blend to perfection. FS NORDIC 97 seating exemplifies its Norwegian heritage through elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship. Unquestionably one of the most well-conceived seating groups on the market today, each piece reclines to the perfect angle. NORDIC 97 FS can easily be combined with the NORDIC 97 swivel recliner.

Dimensions Price
Function Sofa 97 1 Seater 87 cm (w) 90 cm (h) 95 - 108 cm (d)
Function Sofa 97 2 Seater 142 cm (w) 90 cm (h) 95 - 108 cm (d)
Function Sofa 97 3 Seater 197 cm (w) 90 cm (h) 95 - 108 cm (d)

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